Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Perspective On Debt

The Canadian Government pays 84 Million Dollars a day in interest. Simply unacceptable. This is the equivalent of 3.5 Million Dollars an hour, some 60,000 a minute or 1,000 a second.
38 Loonies placed side by side makes a metre and the Earth's circumference is about 40 million metres this means 1.5 Billion Loonies, placed side by side, circles the globe. Therefore, Canada's National Debt, in Loonies placed side by side, would completely circle the Earth over 300 times.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Canada is not for sale

The Canadian Economy is now powered by Ecological Destruction.

The engine behind Canada's Economy is Ecological Destruction. The Canadian Government has oversaw the collapse of our Fisheries, the destruction of our forests and has allowed Corporations from outside our country to otherwise rape us of our natural resources. Who is benefiting from this?

Friday, May 29, 2009

Original projections indicated a deficit of over $34 Billion Dollars. Those were the days my friend as recent indications from the Canadian Government peg the "current" deficit at over $50 Billion Dollars. Worse yet, this number climbs with each passing day. It climbs further and further while our representatives in Ottawa do little but throw Taxpayer's money away in large quantities at 'solutions' that are nothing more than band-aids.

Ottawa is sorely lacking a genuine voice for smaller government. All the major parties wish to grow the size and scope of government with no opposition of merit. This situation must change.

Join a party that seeks to limit the unjustified growth in government corpulence we've witnessed in recent decades. A party that lacks a voice in Ottawa, a voice that is required in these trying times, a voice that actually represents Canadians.

Join the Libertarian Party of Canada

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Stephen Harper - Is That Conservative?

Harper, as Leader of the Conservatives and Prime Minister of Canada, has lead us into deficit for the first time in eleven years. But, "we have to do what we have to do to protect Canada" says old Jimmy Flaherty as he steered our nation 85 Billion Dollars into the Red. "Our deficits will be large" but "as a country, we can afford it". Does this sound like Conservative Policy to you? Where has the Right gone in Canada? An 85 Billion Dollar Systemic Deficit forecast, some analysts say, to get worse further is not "Right" by any stretch.

Canadians lack proper representation from the Right and Ottawa is in dire need of more voices in order to properly represent all of it's people. Our slow migration towards a two party system must cease immediately or we as a nation face mirroring our neighbors to the south.

Join a Party that will help protect your rights, not actively seek to diminish those rights in favor of the collective. A Party that seeks to find it's way into Ottawa and help Canadians acquire that missing voice from the Right.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Michael Ignatieff - Whatever It Takes

Michael Ignatieff will do whatever it takes to become our next Prime Minister. After all, Ignatieff has been handpicked by Liberal Insiders as the Party's Messiah. Crowned Leader this month without a single ballot being cast, Iggy is poised to pull the plug on the Conservative's at a moment's notice. With pressure from powerful Grits such as Jean Chretien to call an election immediately due to what could be considered ample momentum, the new Leader finds himself maybe a few months away from 24 Sussex Drive.
But there may just be a snag in these most carefully crafted plans. Mr. Ignatieff has a history of taking some very strange positions on topics such as torture, imprisonment without charge, targeted assassinations and even pre-emptive war.
Iggy has spent a surprisingly large amount of his adult life away from Canada and has repeatedly referred to himself as an American. His support of Bush Jr and his now apparent fast friendship with Obama demonstrate that this Liberal Leader will do whatever is necessary to further his agenda.

Michael Ignatieff clearly demonstrates Psychopathic Tendencies, showing lies to be as easy to tell as the truth. A series of broken relationships and friendships can be seen in the wake of this man's path. Why would Canadians vote for this man?

With Michael Ignatieff, the ends justify the means.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Michael Ignatieff - Puppet PM?

Canada, is it time for an election?

Jean Chretien believes it is, "the sooner the better". (CP May 1, 2009)

After all, Liberal Back Benchers see this as their best opportunity in years. Chretien seems to believe the Liberals are in a "very good position to win". The economy is still sliding despite recent market blips, Swine Flu (H1N1) has been found in some Alberta Piggies and the Liberal Party of Canada have now bypassed their own normal Leader selection process (too democratic I hear) in favour of an appointed Messiah. Canada's First Puppet PM, Michael Ignatieff hopes to lead the disheveled Liberal Party back from the brink of irrelevance all the way to 24 Sussex Drive.

When Chretien gets his way and Iggy is revealed to be nothing but a puppet stop and think. Isn't it time for our great country to hear from a new voice? A Libertarian voice.

Join The Libertarian Party of Canada

Vote Libertarian

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Who is Michael Ignatieff?

Michael Ignatieff, as Canadian as Apple Pie and also the current Liberal Leader, was been handpicked to be Canada's next Prime Minister. While Iggy has spent most of his adult life outside of Canada and has repeatedly referred to himself as an American he has been selected by Liberal Insiders as their choice for PM. One could be forgiven for immediately suspecting he was a great selection due to the simple fact that he is not Dion and he is also not Harper, subsequently, Liberal Back-Benchers feel he has a decided advantage over either of the latter.

Startlingly, this Liberal, as Liberal as Ann Coulter I'd say, has some very awkward positions regarding such things as Pre-Emptive War, Torture of Detainees and Indefinite Imprisonment. Iggy is a Hawk, a so called Liberal Hawk, chosen by our country's Liberal Elites as our next Prime Minister.

Research for yourself in regards to this man that wants to be Prime Minister. His history of opinions and writings is worth reading and will shed some light on this man who may become Prime Minister. I recommend you start with the New York Times, Iggy's many Op-Ed pieces for the NYTimes warrant a peek. His book "True Patriot Love" is a window into the "feelings" Iggy claims to have, although anything this man says about his feelings must be taken with a grain of salt due to this quote:
"Nothing is personal in politics, because politics is theater. It is part of the job to pretend to have emotions that you do not actually feel"
Micheal Ignatieff
New York Times Aug 5, 07